miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Tunki Coffee continues to reap success and acquired two new awards

Tunki Café, the coffee cooperative Cecovasa Puno, received yesterday at the headquarters of the National Coffee Board (JNC) two new awards for the important work of small producers.

The first prize was awarded to the producer Benjamin Peralta Furrow, 56, who was the winner last October in the seventh Coffee Quality Contest.

Meanwhile, Ciriaco Quispe Mamani was awarded by the Rainforest Alliance, after winning stand as international competition recently to conduct international certification.

Remember that the coffee Tunki of Cecovasa became famous in 2010 after being named as the best coffee in the Speciality Coffee Association of America, Sucaticona grain produced by Wilson.

Export record

Also, the JNC celebrated that coffee exports in 2011 reached a record U.S. $ 1,560 million, exceeding 76% by 2010 when it recorded U.S. $ 886 million

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